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Football Brawl

About Football Brawl


The World Cup season has passed, but its echo remains forever. Many football enthusiasts cannot ignore the biggest football event on the planet, which is also why Football Brawl was born. The game is destined to bring the most comfortable moments for players with the round ball.

Matches with the best players in Football Brawl

In this football game, you will play as a player and compete with other players under the enthusiastic cheers of the audience. It is worth noting that the Football Brawl is not a football match where each team will have 11 players on the field, instead a single solicitation. So you will have to be both a defensive player, a striker, a goalkeeper and also your own coach. But this is also an opportunity for you to challenge and discover what areas you are good at in football, and apply your real football skills to become outstanding in Football Brawl! If you are a lover of sports, besides football, perhaps American football also makes you interested, so try to experience the Retro Bowl. This is a game where you will compete in teams and try to get points, instead of individually like in Football Brawl.

Some features of Football Brawl

In this addictive game, you will need to complete the missions of the game, and completing each mission will give you a reward. Similarly, Football Brawl also has a goals and targets section, where your goal goals are displayed, and when these goals are completed you also get rewards, which can be equipment or coins. Moreover, with the coins you earn, you can use them to buy things in the game's store. Here, you can buy packs, and singles with equipment for your character. Besides, the store also has skill packs for players, making it easier for you to win the match. Specials packages are also provided to give you the opportunity to own special items and skills. If you want to change the skins of your players, your skins and equipment are all in gear. Moreover, it also has each item you own has different power, please pay attention to the index table to choose the right outfit in terms of power, speed, size, or jump. This World Cup season, do not miss such an attractive football game!

How to control

  • Press the A/D or arrow keys to move
  • Press the spacebar to jump
  • Press the H/J keys to kick.
  • Press the K/L keys to use skills.

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