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Retro Bowl

About Retro Bowl


Retro Bowl game as a result of love and admiration for the sport of rugby. So why "Retro Bowl"? In fact, retro refers to the classic visuals and gameplay. The term "bowl" refers to the most prestigious Super Bowl competition in the American Rugby village.

The principles of Retro Bowl

The rules of Retro Bowl are similar to American football. There are two teams competing against each other, each with eleven players. The goal of the tournament is to get more points than other players in the given time. To score, the player must move the ball down the opponent's court and touch the opponent's end area. Touching the ball can be done by throwing it to a teammate or grabbing and sprinting with it. If you are a sports lover, in addition to the Retro Bowl, there is another choice for you which is Basketball Legends. This is a very popular basketball simulation game. Come to this game and join the basketball wars under the cheers of the audience.

Some tips for you when participating in the Retro Bowl

To master the game, you need some tips and tricks to become a winner. First, draft wisely, You will join the draft as the head coach and general manager. Each manuscript has three rounds. Players of each round are randomly drawn and you can choose one of them. You can check and adjust your list. Before making a choice, review your roster and your player stats to ensure the quality of the squad competes. Second, run the football, in the Retro Bowl, passing and running are both great options, so don't be afraid to get the ball past the defense. Besides, practice your reactions, Remember, practice makes perfect. The more you practice, the faster you enhance your reactive skills.

How to control

  • Use WASD to move the player.
  • Use the left mouse to throw the ball to your teammates.

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