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Zombie Shooter

About Zombie Shooter


Welcome to the exciting first-person shooting game Zombie Shooter. In this game, you have to confront scary zombies. Try to destroy them all.

Game features

Game missions

In this game, your goal is to protect humanity from ferocious zombies. As a soldier, you must survive in a city where everyone is turned into zombies. The army is with you as you fight the zombies to save your loved ones.

Game modes

To motivate yourself, you can choose from various characters, weapons, and missions. Additionally, you can play in challenge or team mode with others. The game's dramatic soundtrack and realistic 3D graphics provide a suspenseful and captivating atmosphere.

Some tips

  • You should keep moving and looking for resources such as money, health, and ammunition to avoid being hit.
  • Aim and shoot at vehicles, gas tanks, and drums to cause massive explosions and damage multiple enemies simultaneously.
  • Choose the appropriate weapon for each situation -such as missiles for large targets, rifles for distant targets, and shotguns for close targets.
  • Save your ammo and use them sparingly. Don't shoot them indiscriminately and waste them.
  • To get more money and experience, you should complete side objectives such as freeing hostages, eliminating tax evaders, and capturing criminals.

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