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X Parkour

About X Parkour


X Parkour is the game you'll be required to both jump high and sprint quickly! The fact that you are a skinny tiny stickman does not prevent you from sprinting as swiftly as the wind. Now, be ready to go on an exciting journey and prove what a capable stickman you are by completing all of the parkours.

This game will give you a total of twenty stages to complete. Simply moving from one end of the platform to the other is all that is required of you. However, doing this may not be as simple as you would think. You will run across a lot of challenges during the course of the game, and you will need to overcome them. You are going to come across some blocks that vanish all of a sudden, some spikes that you need to avoid, and a whole host of other other elements that you need to get acquainted with. If you are a skilled runner, you will be able to go through all of the stages and reach the conclusion of the game. Always make an effort to gather the coins that are lying about, and attempt to finish the levels as quickly as you can in order to increase your score.

Now is the time to get moving, make some slides, make some jumps, and do whatever else it takes to survive and advance. You get to take control of the stickman in this free parkour game, and the objective is to achieve the highest potential running speed while avoiding and overcoming various hurdles and obstructions.


  • Checkpoints available
  • 2D graphics with 20 different levels
  • Play that is both brisk and enjoyable

How to play

You can sprint from one side of the screen to the other by using the right and left arrow keys, leap by pressing the up arrow key, and spin in the air by pressing the up arrow key twice quickly.

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