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Winter Dodge

About Winter Dodge


Winter Dodge is a winter-themed rolling skill game you can't miss. In this game, you must ski down from the top of the mountain and avoid pine trees.

Cute ball bouncing game

Your duties

You can feel the thrill of sliding down a snow-covered mountain in this game. Try to avoid hitting pine trees during this process because they will reduce your score. You get more points the lower you slide.


Winter Dodge game has beautiful yet simple visual graphics. The background of this game is all white, with details in contrasting colors. To simulate mountain skiing, the game takes advantage of light and shadow effects. In addition, there are many different types of gameplay in this game, each with its unique sounds and backgrounds that give players something new and exciting.


To make your ball fall in the given direction, you must press and hold the spacebar, left mouse button, or finger. Then you release the mouse, the ball will move to the left. You will naturally move to the right when you release.

Here are some tips

  • Test multiple game modes such as day, night, winter, summer, Halloween, and Christmas. Players will experience something new in each mode. Each mode will have its atmosphere and tone.
  • To earn extra points, ski near a tree. However, avoid colliding with them as this will lower your rating.
  • Get an even bigger bonus if you have a string of successful misses. When you do this, a two-point icon will appear.
  • You get more points the lower you slide. However, as you increase speed and the density of trees increases, moving becomes more difficult.

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