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Vex 8

About Vex 8


Vex 8 is the latest installment of the popular Stickman Vex game series. Players control a stickman and overcome countless challenges to complete all levels. The game adds new challenges, obstacles, and acts!

Game rules

If you've played any games in the Vex series, you already how the game works. In this game, players take the role of a stickman and navigate in complicated mazes filled with obstacles. 

You will need to face up with different obstacles like spinning saw blades, spikes, holes, and many more. To overcome these challenges, you must jump, slide, and swing at the right time. 

Along the way, remember to collect coins to purchase new Stickman skins. 

This installment features 9 acts and daily challenges. You can access the game daily to earn rewards and complete challenges to collect more coins and cash.


Move with WASD or arrow keys

Get up by jumping from side to side

Stand on the act block to play new acts

Slide by holding down while running


  • 9 different acts
  • Daily tasks and challenges to earn rewards
  • Various stickman characters

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