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Vex 7

About Vex 7


Vex 7 is the game brings back the iconic test so that you may put your skills to the ultimate test once more. Take on a variety of tasks, accomplish daily missions, and amass prizes as you traverse some of the most treacherous levels ever conceived. While your hero continues to make his way through this labyrinth filled with hazards and foes, don't forget to collect your goodies and unlock new outfits for him!

Another dangerous task has been given to Vex, and you are more than welcome to accompany him on it. In order to complete your mission, you will have to scale walls, use air strikes to defeat armed foes, and avoid spikes as you travel between floors. Remember that if you complete the objectives successfully, you will be paid handsomely for your efforts, even if every moment you spend in this environment is intended to test your abilities to their absolute limits. You may either press the start button to begin the game and go to the first level, or you can practice your controls by playing the Tower of Terror. This unlimited game option is designed to challenge you to set new records while also providing you with more opportunities to win gold. Now, in order to proceed to the first level, walk around the platform while paying attention to the on-screen directions. To slide, leap, and run, use the arrow keys on your keyboard. Continue to do several jumps in order to ascend higher and higher surfaces. You may assault your foes and destroy the glass blocks by using the space bar. Learn to control your reactions and complete all of the levels!


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • New Vex levels
  • Game mode options
  • Daily quests and rewards
  • Unlockable skins

How to play

Utilize the arrow keys to navigate the environment, and then press the space bar to perform an attack.

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