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Ultimate Flying Car

About Ultimate Flying Car


Car races always bring thrill and drama. Ultimate Flying Car is a game that gives you such emotions. Come to the race track in this thrilling game to experience the super fast speed.

Immerse yourself in the thrilling race of Ultimate Flying Car

Participating in a dramatic car race, of course, your task is to control your car to go as fast as possible. Speed ​​alone is not enough, besides, you also need to have the dexterity to drive the car so that it is less likely to collide with objects on the track, or avoid being thrown off the track. Because that is your chance for your opponent to get ahead and take your lead. In addition to Ultimate Flying Car, you can join another race in Madalin Stunt Cars 2. Car racing in this game is equally interesting, if you are a fan of the racing game series, you should not miss it.

Features of Ultimate Flying Car

The game includes two modes, FreeRide, and Racing. In the first mode, free ride, you can join this mode to train yourself before entering the race. In the other mode, you can choose to play 1-player or 2-player. In addition, there will be 15 levels for you to experience, of course, the difficulty is different. You also have two cars to choose from at the start of this game. However, after playing the game, you will accumulate gold and diamonds, and use them to unlock more amazing cars. Those cars will definitely help you a lot on this track.

How to control


  • Press the WASD keys to move
  • Press a SPACEBAR key to use the handbrake
  • Press a SHIFT key to activate nitro
  • Press a T key to look back
  • Press an R to fix a car's position


  • Press the ARROW KEYS to move
  • Press a K key to use the handbrake
  • Press an M key to activate nitro
  • Press the L key to look back
  • Press a U to fix a car's position.

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