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About Twirl


You use the arrow keys on both sides to rotate the cylinder.

About Twirl

Twirl is a fun game that combines keeping the ball rolling and a cylindrical maze. Your mission is to try to take your ball as far as possible on a unique track.

Game missions

In the 2D puzzle game Twirl, you will control a large cylinder. It has barriers so the ball has a clear path to bounce off. If the bouncing ball lands in the green space between the fences, you score extra points. As the speed increases, the game gets harder, so be cautious.

Game to train agility

Twirl game is a fun game and challenges your mind. You can create your levels or play many existing levels. You can also share your scores with friends or check other players' ratings.

Some tips in the game Twirl

  • To avoid the ball bouncing off the reel, rotate the cylinder slowly and precisely.
  • To improve your score, you should take advantage of green points as much as possible. The cylinder can be rotated to bounce the ball across multiple greens at once.
  • Red barriers are dangerous because they will explode the ball if it comes into contact with them. To avoid them, you can twist the cylinder or find cover behind other barriers.
  • To push yourself and improve your rotation, you should try different stages. Additionally, you have the option to create and share your levels with other players.

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