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Trap The Cat

About Trap The Cat


Trap The Cat is a fun puzzle game. Your task is to trap a cat in a large playground with many tiles. Try not to let the cat escape from this table.

Challenge your wits

Style play

Trap The Cat game is a puzzle game with simple but addictive gameplay. You can play this game right away without reading the instructions. You just need to click on the tile you want to change color. When the brick turns black, the cat will no longer be able to jump over that brick.

Intelligence training game

Trap The Cat like all other puzzle games helps train intelligence. A mischievous cat wants to escape from this table. You need to trap it so it can't run out. However, this is not easy because this cat is very smart. If you can't trap it, it will run away from the playground.

Some tips for playing Trap The Cat

To shorten the cat's running distance, start on the tiles it's aiming for.

To improve your chances of catching a cat, make larger circles than smaller ones.

You can guess the area the Cat is about to run to. It will look at you and its movements will tell you where it is going.

If you can't catch the cat, you need to try multiple times because the layout of the game will change with each try.

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