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Traffic Command

About Traffic Command


Traffic Command is your opportunity to become a traffic controller by clicking to change the color of the traffic light and complete the mission of each level. It seems easy to play, but you will feel difficulty when starting the official matches. It's because there are many vehicles moving on the roads. It's not easy to command all of them.

Roads In Traffic Command

Usually, you will coordinate traffic at intersections. At higher levels, the paths can be more complicated. The number of traffic lights is usually 2. It will increase with the complexity of the roads. In particular, the roads are usually two-way, so it is more difficult to control.

How To Command Traffic

In order to control traffic and vehicles, you need to click on the traffic light you want to change the color. With each click, the light will change from red to yellow and yellow to green. The order will remain like that until you stop clicking.

The rule for vehicles to move is the same as the reality. Cars can run when it's the green light and stop when it's the red light.

Noticeable Elements

Each level requires you to complete the required number of vehicles in a limited time. The game will end if there is any collision happened.

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