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Tac Tac Way

About Tac Tac Way


Tac Tac Way is a ball rolling game with fresh graphics for players who want a new experience. The gameplay of this game is similar to other games of the same genre.

In the entertaining action game Tac Tac Way, you have to control a ball rolling down a ramp blocked by obstacles. To increase your score, you must stay away from barriers and red blocks and collect red diamonds. The game requires players to have quick reactions and sharp observation skills. If you are ready to conquer this difficult road, start now!

Your duties

The constant change of direction and slope of the ramp requires you to control the ball flexibly and accurately. You should also avoid red blocks and barriers at all costs because touching them will break your ball.

Along the way, you should collect gold coins because they will increase your score. Additionally, you should take note of the different symbols on the ramp as they can affect your ball in different ways. The ball will change speed depending on the symbols you collect.


To move the ball left or right, use the mouse or keyboard.

The diamonds you collect can be used to unlock new balls of different colors and shapes.

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