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Super Stacker 2

About Super Stacker 2


Super Stacker 2, everyone's favorite stacking game, is back with updated visuals! builders of towers, rejoice! With 40 additional levels and 4 different difficulty levels, test your stacking abilities. Are you prepared to experiment with forms and construct the largest stack ever? Seize your sturdy squares, cunning circles, and perplexing triangles! But be careful with sudden turns. Set the shapes in order and start construction!

Your goal in Super Stacker 2 is to finish each level by attempting to construct a tower out of the forms provided. You must select the difficulty level before beginning the game. There are initially just simple stacks accessible. The remaining content must be unlocked by playing the game and beating all the stages. Your stack should continue to exist for 10 seconds after being finished in order to pass a level. The game will require you to create several buildings than a straightforward tower as you advance through the stages. You may utilize a variety of forms, including triangles, squares, and circles. There are four different difficulty levels in all, each having ten difficult stages. You may access the extra mode if you've finished all 40 levels. You may experiment with making your own levels if you want to! To create your own Super Stacker 2 levels, select "Make Your Own" from the menu. But make sure to test it first. You can share your masterpiece with the community once you are certain that every aspect of the level you developed functions as intended!


  • 40 challenging levels
  • Create your own level
  • 4 different difficulty categories
  • Speed-run option

How to play

To stack items on top of one another, use the mouse.

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