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Stickman Dragon Fight

About Stickman Dragon Fight


Stickman Dragon Fight is a great fighting action game. You play as a character with superpowers and fight villains. Show off your superhero powers now!

Attractive action game


In this action-packed fighting game, players will take on the role of heroes with superpowers fighting evil forces. You must move quickly, avoid and block your opponents' attacks, replenish your ki energy, and perform three powerful attack skills suitable for each hero in the game.

Game modes

There are three main modes in Stickman Dragon Fight: Story Mode, Versus Mode, and Tournament Mode. You will choose three super-powerful heroes to fight many different enemies in each part. Each hero has three powerful attack abilities and the ability to transform into a dragon warrior. Winning matches allows you to unlock over 100 different heroes.

Some tips in the game Stickman Dragon Fight

Try to avoid your opponent's attacks. You can use skills to deal damage or create distance, as well as jump, dodge, and channel psychic energy.

Play 3v3 battles with various opponents to challenge yourself. By selecting the character icon in the top left corner of the screen, you can assemble a party of three characters and swap them during gameplay. Additionally, you can use support items such as strength, ki, or health potions to benefit you in battle.

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