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Stick Duel: The War

About Stick Duel: The War


In Stick Duel: The War you will play as a stickman who is a mercenary. Either you destroy the opponent, or you will be destroyed by the opponent. Let's start the game!

Fierce battle in Stick Duel: The War

As a resourceful and agile mercenary, you need to bring out your full potential to become a survivor. In Stick Duel: The War, as soon as the game starts, weapons like shotguns, shotguns, or machine guns will drop. Your task is to quickly grab a weapon and kill the enemy, if you are slower than the enemy, you can be hit by him. If you can't pick up the gun, try to dodge it until the next wave falls. If you hit only one bullet, you will lose health, until you or your opponent runs out of health, we will be able to find the winner and move on to the next level. This game is similar to Shell Shockers, but in Shell Shockers, the egg characters will be equipped with guns and go around the map to find and destroy enemies, whoever is the last person to survive will win.

Features of the game Stick Duel: The War

The game includes two game modes, 1-player, and 2-player. Each mode will have different characteristics and requirements. In 1 player mode, you will fight with another stickman of the machine, the CPU. Your task is to try to destroy the enemy and level up. In 2-player mode, you can join the game with friends or family, or you can control both characters to fight each other. Basically, both modes have the same gameplay, the last person left on the stage will be the winner. Remember, Stick Duel: The War includes many different levels, the higher the levels, the more difficult the difficulty will increase with more dangerous obstacles and you need to be more agile. Even if you don't get shot by your opponent, if you fall off the stage or hit the obstacles, the game will end with your opponent as the winner.

How to control

  • Player 1: Press the WASD to move and L the hit.
  • Player 2: Press the arrow keys to move and F to hit.

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