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Stack Ball

About Stack Ball


Stack Ball will be a good choice if you are looking to relax or kill time on a game. Can you break all the challenges to get through level after level?

Destroy obstacles in Stack Ball

Coming to Stack Ball, your starting position will be on top of a colorful twisting platform. Your task is to help the ball fall from the top to the bottom of the twisted platform, which is also the finish line of the game. However, what to do when the colored blocks prevent your fall? You need to keep the ball jumping to colors except for black and hold the mouse so that it breaks those colored blocks and then goes down. Remember you will not be able to go through the black block, if you try to break it directly, the game will be over. In addition, you can also participate in controlling the ball in another game, Slope 3. However, in this game, instead of destroying obstacles, your task will be to dodge obstacles to run as far as possible.

Equip power-up in Stack Ball

Stack Ball is designed to include many different levels players will experience increasing difficulty through each level. That is also the feature that makes this game addictive game. More and more difficult each time, requiring you to focus more, be more agile, and want to conquer the game more and more. But don't worry, Stack Ball equips you with a power-up, which is a fireball. With its power, you can go through and break anything even black blocks. However, you can only possess this power orb when breaking a series of colored blocks continuously. Stack Ball is an interesting game, but you should also use the right time for this game, don't let yourself get too immersed in it. Wish you happy gaming!

How to control

Use the mouse to control.

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