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About Stack


If you are looking for a simple arcade game, Stack is the perfect choice for you. This is a tower-building game that requires you to have quick reflexes, handle situations and place bricks accurately to every centimeter.

Your task in Stack

Players will build a skyscraper tower by precisely aligning the stacked bricks. The bricks will move back and forth at an increasing speed, once stacked, all the excess bricks will be cut off and fall, causing the size of the top of the tower to decrease until it cannot be placed. If you add any more bricks, the game will be over. Then you will get 1 point. Besides, when you stack the bricks on top of each other without any excess, you will get 2 points, if the consecutive bricks are placed correctly, the number of points will be added gradually. So, if you want the tower to have a lot of floors and you have a lot of points, you are busy limiting the excess of the brick. When you are bored of this game, come to Death Run 3D, a hugely popular running game. Join the game's racing tunnel and make your name on the leaderboards with the best players.

Interesting things about Stack

Stack is a game where the tower has an unlimited number of floors, and the height of the tower will depend on the accuracy of the player in stacking bricks. In particular, when reaching a certain height, the tower will change color once to stimulate the player's curiosity. In addition, in the Stack you can change the skin for the tower with different colors and patterns, making the tower more colorful and beautiful. You can buy these skins with diamonds obtained from in-game quests. With simple gameplay, and beautiful graphics, surely Stack will be a game that won the trust and love of gamers.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.

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