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Squid Runner

About Squid Runner


Let's find out whether you have what it takes to survive yet another round of the challenging Squid Runner obstacles! The legendary survival games have been brought back, and this time there's even more action to be had! To advance to the championship round, you must first win each and every race, maintain your composure when you are beaten by other players, and finish in first place. You have a first competition coming up, so how about we get you ready for it?

The competitions have been relaunched with a whole new set of challenges and stumbling blocks! In order for the players to be eligible to take part in the final games, they will need to place in the top three in each of the three separate obstacle races that they participate in. Every time a new effort is made, the songs and themes are modified to reflect the changes. You will have to make your way across a simple neon track, city streets, and confectionery areas that all have a winter holiday motif. The tasks and the boosters are always the same, despite the fact that the themes change. If you walk onto a green platform, your current speed will rise; meanwhile, if you step onto a red platform, your current speed will decrease. When you gather cans, a speed boost will be activated, but you need to be cautious since it will get more harder to dodge obstacles as you collect more cans. Use the green trampolines to help you jump over the blocks and lava pools while also avoiding the water puddles and the barriers by keeping your distance from them. You may make your reward bigger by viewing the short adverts that pop up between stages, and you can use the money you earn to buy additional character skins and headwear. In order to show off your abilities and compete in the main deathmatch, you must first complete three levels in the top three of the winners list. Only then can you advance to the next round.


  • Colorful 3D graphics
  • Unlockable skins and hats
  • Thrilling race tracks with changing themes
  • Famous Squid Race games

How to play

 You must use your mouse or your arrow keys to play this game

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