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Snowball Dash

About Snowball Dash


Snowball Dash extends an invitation to you to visit a beautiful wonderland in the mountains! In this game, you are a snowball, thus you don't need to wear a coat or boots. Enjoy the perilous journey across the mountain range by getting ready. Do you have the knowledge and abilities to travel as far as you can?

In this freezing game, your goal is obvious. All you have to do to increase in size while avoiding obstacles is take control of a snowball and roll down the mountains. You'll face a lot of difficulties as you make your way down the mountain. The first zone is quite simple, but as you move on, you'll encounter several trees that you must avoid. To change directions, press the left and right arrow keys simultaneously. The route should always be in your line of sight. Your snowball will acquire more snow as you roll down and expand in size. This presents still another difficulty because it is difficult to handle a huge snowball. Before it's too late, trust your reactions and get away from the trees. When you run into a barrier, your snowball is destroyed, and you must restart. How much farther can you descend the mountains?


  • Colorful 3D graphics
  • Intuitive controls
  • Challenging gameplay
  • Available on mobile devices

How to play

To move, press the left and right arrow keys.

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