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Small Ball 3D

About Small Ball 3D


If you are looking for an entertaining game to pass the time, nothing is more suitable than Small Ball 3D. With the goal of destroying bricks of the same color, how many levels will you be able to pass?

Way to crack Small Ball 3D

This game is designed based on overlapping color blocks. It can be many different colors in each row or a stack of the same colors. Your mission in Small Ball 3D is to go from the top of the tower to the bottom of the tower. To be able to complete this goal, you need to destroy the other colorful blocks by pressing or holding when the ball jumps to the block with the same color as it, so that block will be destroyed and you can descend. If you are bored with this game, you can come to Slope Unblocked. This game will take you to the exciting world of running, where the track is unpredictable.

Useful tips for you when participating in playing Small ball 3D

This colorful game includes many different levels for you to unleash and conquer it. However, know how to manage yourself, and do not get too immersed in this addictive game. There is a tip for you that is to descend as fast as you can, you can get a fireball, which can destroy anything. When you destroy a series of bricks of the same color, you will fall down very quickly and then a fireball will appear and help you for a certain amount of time. Therefore, you need to know when the fireball will disappear to stop, otherwise, you will bump into a brick of a different color, and the game is over.

How to control

Press or hold the mouse/ spacebar to control the ball.

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