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Slope UFO

About Slope UFO


Start a space journey with a flying saucer in the game Slope UFO now! Prove your ability to control a flying saucer by passing small planets to go a long way.

About Slope UFOs

Participate in space travel

In the game Slope UFO, you will play the role of an alien traveling through space. You control your flying saucer to move on this long journey. However, this flying saucer is not easy to control. You need to try to get familiar with its operating mechanism to be able to control it. The path you need to overcome has many small stars blocking it. So you need to know how to skillfully control flying saucers to avoid them.

How to control a flying saucer

Your flying saucer only has two directions: up or down. You hold down the space bar when you want it to fly up, then release it to let it lower.


You should keep the flying saucer in the middle of the tunnel. Because the rocks usually appear above or below.

You need to get familiar with how to control a flying saucer. This can cause difficulties for you if you don't know how to keep the flying saucer flying safely.

You need to avoid all the rocks that appear in the tunnel because if you hit them, your flying saucer will explode immediately.

In addition to avoiding obstacles on the way, you must also not let your flying saucer touch the tiles at the top and bottom. Because if you touch them you will have to start again from the beginning.

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