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Slope Snake

About Slope Snake


Welcome to the fun downhill game called Slope Snake. In this game, you control a small snowball rolling down a snowy mountain with many pine trees.


Your task is to control the snowball to roll down the mountain safely. This is a mountain covered with white snow. The obstacles that prevent you from rolling down the mountain are pine trees. You need to control the snowball so that it can avoid all of these pine trees.


In this game, you control the snowball using the arrow keys. You can only move flexibly to the sides to avoid the pine trees.

Tips in Slope Snake

This game has simple gameplay. You can completely conquer this game if you pay attention.

Try to control the snowball to move skillfully through the pine trees. Pine trees are randomly arranged on your downhill rolling path. Therefore, you always have to observe so that you can promptly change the direction of the snowball's movement.

Also, one thing to note in this game is that you need to master the rolling speed of the snowball. You will feel confused the first few times you play. Then you can control the snowball more professionally.

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