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Slope Driver

About Slope Driver


Take on the challenge of driving a car on a bumpy hill in the game Slope Driver! Control the car so it can move on this hill without overturning.

Game missions

You will need to drive on long and steep ramps. At the same time, you must dodge jagged spikes and stone enemies that try to hinder you. Try to collect gold, jewelry, and other goods along the way.


  • WASD or arrow keys are used to control your vehicle.
  • To adjust the viewing angle, use the C key.
  • If you stumble or get stuck, restart by pressing the R key.
  • To pause the game, press the P key.
  • To mute the sound, press the M key.
  • To activate night mode, press the N key.
  • To turn on the headlights, press the L key.
  • Pressing the H key will activate Halloween mode.
  • Pressing the X key will activate snow mode.
  • To activate turbo mode, use the T key.
  • Press B to activate bubble mode.

Tips in Slope Driver

At the end of each level, collect the golden key to unlock the gate. To increase your score and unlock new characters like Angela, Ginger, Hank, and Ben, try to collect colored balls.

You will encounter phones, cassette tapes, and little pandas during your journey. The game's music and colors can be changed by swiping on the cassette. If you collect the phone then call to get a new target. For company, you can catch baby pandas.

To get more gold, diamonds, lucky spins, or lives, watch ads. Ads can appear when you spin the lucky wheel when you enter the store. When you lose, or when you access the vault.

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