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Slope Car Gradient

About Slope Car Gradient


Slope Car Gradient is a racing game with completely new gameplay you should try. This game is not a speed race but a race to overcome obstacles.

Game features

Exciting racing game

This game is a racing game you can play it whenever you have free time. Many levels are waiting for you to explore and conquer. You can race while admiring a new world in the air.


You can easily play this game even if you don't read the instructions because it has straightforward gameplay. You just need to control your car on both sides with the left and right arrows.


  • This game is really easy so you can completely pass many levels the first time. However, there are some notes for you.
  • You should pay attention to the distance to see what is there so you can react promptly.
  • When moving to the tunnel, you should keep your car in the middle. Otherwise, your car will hit the edge of the tunnel and break.
  • Avoid the spikes, because they will also destroy your car.
  • Collect the magnet to help you attract all the diamonds as you move toward them.

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