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Slope Board

About Slope Board


Slope Board is a puzzle game that trains your intelligence. In this game, you find a way to get the ball to the goal by tilting the table and moving the wooden walls.

Game features


Your task in this game is to roll the ball into the desired pocket. You will need to rearrange the blocks and adjust the tilt of the board. You drag the block along its length to make it move. Buttons on the left and right of the screen let you adjust the tilt of the panel.

Multi-level game

The Slope Board game has many levels. With each level, the complexity increases, requiring the player to think quickly and accurately. The player must complete each level within the allotted time to get more stars and unlock new ones.

Slope Board game tips

  • The blocks should be moved so that the ball rolls down smoothly and falls out without getting stuck.
  • To create momentum for the ball, you should adjust the tilt of the board but be careful not to let the ball roll too fast or too slow.
  • Use specialized pieces, such as triangles, circles, or spring blocks, to give the ball a variety of actions, like jumping high, spinning, or accelerating.
  • You should complete levels as quickly as possible to earn more stars and access new levels.

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