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Slope 4

About Slope 4


Slope 4 is an exciting endless rolling ball game. In this game you control your ball rolling around a beautiful yellow-led world. Try to set your rolling record.

Game features

Game genre

Slope 4 is one of many games in the Slope Ball game genre. The gameplay is the same as the original version however it has a difference in graphics.

Game graphics

Different from other slope games. The Slope 4 game uses a yellow LED light color. You need to combine the control of rolling on the slope with collecting blue diamonds.

How to play and tips

Slope 4 game has similar gameplay to rolling ball games. You need to control your ball rolling on a narrow path with deep holes.

To conquer this difficult slope you need to know some tips. First, you need to get used to the rolling speed of the ball. Once you have mastered the ball speed, you will be able to keep the ball always on this slope. Combine rolling the ball and collecting diamonds. However, to ensure safety, you should keep the ball rolling in the middle of the track. In addition, quick observation skills also help you avoid obstacles on this slope.

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