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Slope 2 Player

About Slope 2 Player


Rolling as far as you can, at the same time collecting diamonds and avoiding obstacles on the track is your task in this addictive game. How far can you run in Slope 2 Player?

Run in the racing track of Slope 2 Player

In front of you is the track that you will control the ball rolling through. Your task is to make the ball roll safely on the track without colliding with many obstacles and collect as many diamonds as you can at the same time. Moreover, the challenges in Slope 2 Player are not easy. Not only will you be hindered by obstacles on the track, but you can also fall off the track at any time. Unlike many other running games, Slope 2 Player's track can be moved by tilting left and right. This makes the player need to handle the ball skillfully. However, there are also supports for you on the track, you can use slanted boards to jump higher and roll further. In the same series as this game, Slope 2 also has similar gameplay. Even when you come to this game, you still find it quite familiar and easier to pass because you have had the opportunity to experience a similar game before.

Modes play in Slope 2 Player

There are many running games, but Slope 2 Player is a bit superior to many other running games thanks to the game modes. In 1-player mode, your task is to run as far as possible and collect as many diamonds. However, in the second mode - 2-player, your task will change a bit, you need to have a little competition when there is another player beside you. In this mode, there will be two players, competing against each other to see who can last longer on the track. Whoever falls off the track or collides with an obstacle will be the loser. In addition, you can also use the collected diamonds to change your ball, or buy some other items to increase strength on the track.

How to control

Use the WASD or arrow keys to control.

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