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Slither io

About Slither io


One of the most well-known online games is , which provides hours of entertainment thanks to its leaderboards and action-packed gameplay. Enter the realm of brilliant orbs, worms, and ravenous hunger by slithering your way there. Only the most cautious players in survive to grow to be the largest! There is always competition! Nobody will trust you, and everyone will attempt to devour you! Utilize quick rotations and deft movements to avoid other players while attempting to gather as many luminous orbs as you can.

The universe of is one where danger is as inevitable as the wind. Players that are hungry are hiding everywhere. The controls in are quite easy compared to the furious action. To move across the map, you simply need to use your mouse. To dash, use the left mouse button. Give your character a name before you begin the game. You may even alter and alter your worm's look if you want. There are a lot of vibrant alternatives available. You will begin the game as a very little snake when you initially begin. However, when you consume bright orbs, you will expand quickly. Beware of other players! You will die and become a tasty dinner if you touch their body! They'll attempt to deceive you into colliding with their long, snake-like body, but you may also rapidly slither right in front of them to deal them a taste of their own medicine! A leaderboard system is common in multiplayer games, and is no exception. The server-wide leaderboard is situated in the top right corner, and your current score and rank are shown in the bottom left corner of the screen. 


  • Online multiplayer
  • You can customize your skin
  • Available on mobile
  • Leaderboards

How to play

Use your mouse to move around. Press the left mouse button dash.

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