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Slime Road

About Slime Road


Slime Road is a fun game that combines two skills: running and jumping. Control the character to run on the floating road and jump through the circles.

Unique running game


The game Slime Road has simple but eye-catching graphics. You will be running on an endless white road. It is arranged to float in the air. This path is quite narrow so you need to be careful not to fall out. In addition, along the track there are many large circles arranged. You need to jump over it to score points.

Player's mission

Your goal is to control the green guy character to run and jump between colorful circles to score points. Many interesting things are waiting for you after each challenge. As you progress through colorful, randomly generated levels on Slime Road, your speed will increase.


Use the keyboard or mouse to move your character. The character's jumping direction can be changed by touching the screen or using the arrow keys.

Some tips in the game Slime Road

To improve your score, jump in the middle of the circle. If you fall on the yellow part of the circle, you will score more points. You will get fewer points if you jump into the green zone. You will lose your life if you jump into the red area.

Collect everything along the way. Along the way, you may encounter objects such as stars, jewelry, or medicine. These will give you more points, speed boosts, or respawns.

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