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Slice Master

About Slice Master


Slice Master is an effective stress-relieving idle game for you. You just chop the vegetables at each level. Try to chop them very small for your soup.

Game features

Game missions

In the game Slice Master, your task is to chop vegetables on the transmission line. Please perform chopping movements quickly so that the vegetables are chopped finely. For each hit you will get extra points.

Multi-level game

There are many levels in this idle game. In later levels of the Slice Master game, your transmission speed will be faster and there will be more obstacles.


This game has extremely simple gameplay. You left-click to act slicing vegetables.

Tips in Slice Master game

  • When the tubers are transferred to the knife position, perform slicing movements immediately. Whether your score is high or low depends on the cuts.
  • In the early levels, you will easily complete the task because the pass speed is quite slow.
  • At higher levels, you need to concentrate more because the transmission speed is very fast. If you don't concentrate you won't be able to get a high score.
  • In addition to chopping vegetables, you need to avoid chopping on wooden cutting boards. They are arranged alternately among your vegetables.

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