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Short Life

About Short Life


Short Life is a fun physics platformer with an original twist. You play as a ragdoll, attempting to lead him through 16 stages. The levels are bloodthirsty and lethal. The aim of each level is to keep the ragdoll safe in order to get all three stars.

Keep an eye out for the deadly traps while playing this game. In the first level of this action game, for example, our hero must avoid a moving spiked arm. In addition, there is a pipe construction that launches arrows directly towards his head. Move with caution and pay attention to the in-game directions.

As we proceed through the stages, our avatar faces new and inventive obstacles and traps such as rolling barrels and exploding mines.

In each stage, keep an eye out for numerous obstacles. You must avoid spikes, leap over mines, and be on the lookout for other deadly traps. The different traps will inflict your hero terrible pain - mines, for example, can shatter your character into small gory pieces! This game demands excellent timing and reflexes and is a lot of fun!

Feature :

  • Plenty of traps that are waiting for you
  • You can jump, crouch, run and hold to avoid the traps
  • Unlockable heroes
  • More than 15 levels
  • Fullscreen mode available
  • No video advertisements

How to play

  • Left and right arrow keys to move
  • Up arrow to jump or stand up
  • Down arrow to crouch

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