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Run rich 3D

About Run rich 3D


Make wise life decisions to get wealthy in Run Rich 3D! Life is all about making decisions, and what we choose for ourselves affects the type of life we will live. To get to a place in life, we sometimes have to let go of some things. It's not always simple to remain in your lane and make the best decisions, but we should give it our all. Are you prepared to make the proper decisions in order to advance up the social ladder?

You begin your existence as a poor girl, namely as a beggar. But, from now on, you have complete control over your life and may finally achieve your goals. Do everything you can to raise money, spend as little as possible, and, most importantly, pick the correct path when faced with two possibilities. Occasionally, you'll be given the option of passing through one of two doors. Which is more important: partying or studying? Is it better to be on the internet than to be at work? You must determine for yourself which is the best option for you. Working, learning, and putting money down are definitely better for your future! There will be some tempting alternatives along the way, such as wine bottles or hamburgers, but you should always consider your present financial situation before taking such risks. The indicator on top of your head will tell you how much you have. To avoid losing money, be wary of beggars. Furthermore, slot machines do not always pay off; in these high-risk games, you might lose as well. So, begin your trip, make the best decisions you can, and attempt to end as wealthy as possible!


  • 3D colorful graphics
  • Multiple levels to complete
  • Entertaining and addictive levels
  • Intuitive controls

How to play

To maneuver the character and gather the treasures, use your computer's mouse.

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