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Rolling Ball 3D

About Rolling Ball 3D


Rolling Ball 3D is a fantastic infinite running game based on Slope. The game's mechanics are straightforward. It would help if you controlled a 3D ball as it races down a succession of interconnecting ramps at breakneck speed.

Because the ball goes so quickly, you must have quick reflexes and responses to keep it under control. You must also strive to gather blue diamonds as you roll to purchase other things and continue your adventure. Don't forget to use your power-ups! Can you last long enough to set a new record - a high score?


  • Neon world
  • Crystals may be collected and used to purchase power-ups and unlock new ball models.
  • Waving platforms and shifting obstructions provide new problems.
  • Gameplay that is both enjoyable and fast-paced
  • Level with no end: travel as far as you can!

Platform :

Web browser

How to play

  • Press A/D or left/right arrow to steer left/right

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