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Roller Coaster

About Roller Coaster


Do you know the coaster in many theme parks? It always brings a thrilling feeling to people. However, it also makes others scared. Now you can experience this game with excitement but no more fear. Roller Coaster is a perfect choice. You will control the wagon on the trail. Are you ready to experience this game?

Steer the wagon on Roller Coaster

The coaster isn't normal because it will face tons of obstacles on the trail. They can be spikes, booms, bends, etc. Your mission is to navigate the wagon continuously. If it hit any trap, the players will be pushed out. With each collision, 2 players will fall. Besides avoiding all obstacles, you also need to collect cash that appears along the trail. Move through them to collect them. This cash will be very useful for you. You can pick up many passengers at the station. The more passengers reach the destination, you will get more cash. This game has many levels. You can reach the finish line to advance the level.

The advantages of cash in Roller Coaster

You can use the cash you got to change passengers' skin or wagons. When you have enough cash, you can randomly unlock a skin or a wagon. Can you open all skins and wagons?

More things about Roller Coaster

  • This game has HTML5 technology. Therefore, you can play on any smart device
  • Multiple levels for you
  • Easy gameplay and simple control are suitable for all ages. The game will enhance their reaction
  • Customize the skins and wagons
  • Avoid all obstacles and collect cash along the road
  • You will have a great time with this game. Experience the thrill of sitting on a wagon which is moving at the high speed.

Game control: Use the move or arrow keys to tilt.

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