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Rabbit Samurai 2

About Rabbit Samurai 2


In Rabbit Samurai 2, collect all the carrots and dig your way to the top! In this entertaining game, your character is the most skilled samurai on the planet! He's not just the best bunny ever, but also the cutest. Are you prepared to embark on a long adventure with this character?

This bunny samurai is free to hop wherever he wants. With the assistance of his grappling hook, this is achievable. To effectively manage your character, you need know how to utilize the hook. This adorable little rabbit's goal is to traverse the platform and grab as many carrots as possible. On your route back to the beekeeper, you'll also retrieve some missing bees. The total point of the level will be affected by how you handled the level and how many carrots you gathered. The platform will be too large at times, with too many twists, so check the compass in the upper left corner of the screen. You may also unlock new skins if you want to. So grab your hook and prepare to jump across the platform to gather the carrots and bees!


  • 2D colorful graphics
  • Easy and fun controls
  • Multiple levels
  • Skins to unlock

How to play

You can use the arrow keys or the cursor to grapple the hook at the points you aim.

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