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Rabbids Wild Race

About Rabbids Wild Race


Rabbids Wild Race is the game you'll compete against furry white balls utilizing jetpacks in the most chaotic of races. If you think that this sounds insane, you should wait until you watch them perform it! You will be able to grab gold with magnets, jump on other players just because you can, and yet maintain your fluffy and adorable appearance throughout the whole game. Put on your jetpack, adorn yourself with some bunny ears, and come hang out with us!

Check the top right-hand corner of your screen to discover how many other competitors are still in the running for the prize. Due to the fact that you will be losing fellow Rabbids along the route, you should probably check it every once in a while. Don't be concerned however; it won't hurt your chances of winning the race and being the lone survivor of the competition. Stay away from the electric traps in mid-air and the nasty Rabbids with flamethrowers since they only need one hit to kill you. You may either save your profits and watch brief advertisements in order to purchase new items to your wardrobe, or you can collect gold coins and stars in order to unlock the loveliest dresses, headgear, and accessories for your fuzzy buddy. In addition, you may create games or join games that your friends have already made so that you can participate with them!


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Funny and cute character design
  • Lots of accessories and clothes to unlock
  • Easy to play

How to play

You can use your spacebar to jump and keep pressing to stay up.

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