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Rabbids Volcano Panic

About Rabbids Volcano Panic


The ground is truly lava in Rabbids Volcano Panic, and there is no way out. You'll go through this game from the skies to the burning core of the planet. Although it will burn a bit, you are the best person to assist this tiny puffy cutie. But don't relax too much; the lava portion is genuine.

Yes, you cannot avoid falling, but you may put off the inevitable. Even if there are eleven other competitors from across the world, it would still be simpler if you were the only one in the arena. Don't feel guilty about others failing because you are striving to be the last one standing; remaining modest will not help you survive. Our goal is to continue running until everyone else perishes while ignoring the burns on our feet. The tiles walked on collapse and leave a hole behind, therefore it's crucial to move quickly and avoid standing on one tile for too long. Although 6 floors might seem like a lot, you won't believe how quickly these levels crumble when 12 terrified bunnies race on them nonstop. Grab whatever dice you can to obtain bonuses like a speed-up or tile-healing feet, and collect coins to unlock skins later. Keep hoping and shine with a new outfit since you can unlock some skins even if you don't have any gold by viewing quick commercials!


  • Colorful 2D graphics
  • Detailed character design
  • More than 25 skins to unlock
  • Mode events

How to play

Use arrowkey or mouse to control character

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