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Purble Place

About Purble Place


Purble Place is an educational puzzle game where players can train their deduction, coordination, and memory skills through different mini-games.

How to play Purble Place game

The game consists of 3 mini-games featuring Purble Pairs, Comfy Cakes, and Purble Shop. Each one has a different goal.

Purble Pairs

The goal of this mini-game is to clear the tableau within the fewest turns. Players must reveal two of the same cards on the same turn to clear the cards from the grid. That requires players to have great pattern recognition and memory skills.

There are different levels, each features a different set of grids.

In the Beginner level, you must clear a 5x5 grid. The Intermediate level has 2 6x6 grids. And the Advanced level has 4 8x8 grids.

Comfy Cakes

In this game, you fill assemble a cake that matches a given cake specification to complete orders. To do this, you must go through different stations and work with different kinds of elements and flavors.

You will be penalized if the cake doesn't match the order. The game is over if you send 3 consecutive incorrect orders.

As the game progresses, the orders will become more complex.

Purble Shop

This is a code-breaker game. First, players will see 5 different features, a hat, a nose, eyes, and clothing items. The goal is to guess to right feature colors within a limited number of guesses.

Select from red, purple, yellow, blue, or green color. Remember that a color can only be used once.

Game Features

  • Challenging mini-games and levels
  • Cartoonish graphics
  • Brain training

Purble Place educational game consists of different mini-games designed to train your brain. Play it now for free and see if you can complete all challenges!

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