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Pudding Monsters

About Pudding Monsters


Pudding Monsters is an extremely cute and funny entertaining game. Your task is to combine all the red monsters that appear on the level to form one large monster.

Pudding Monsters game has a main character who is a pudding monster. It can customize the shape by pairing. It has an extremely cute shape and is red in color. Red is a creature with a small mouth and big eyes.

Your mission in this game is to combine pudding creatures to create a giant pudding monster. To match them, you have to slide the pudding pieces together. You must use your wits because each level only allows you to move a fixed number of times. The levels get increasingly difficult as you get to higher levels. This game is also a way to help you practice your analytical skills.

Some tips

It's best to be cautious when fusing pudding monsters. Before moving them, try to figure out the best course of action.

Since stars will increase your score and give you access to new levels, you should collect them in each level.

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