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About Pong


Pong is an online table tennis-themed arcade sports game with simple 2D graphics. You can experience this exciting table tennis simulation game right now.

Features of the game Pong


The Pong game is based on the original Magnavox Odyssey video game. It was released in 1972 and was loved by many players. To play this game, two players need to control two. The white bar is used to hit the white ball back and forth on the black screen. Pong has better graphics and sound than the original version.

Style play

This game has simple yet fun gameplay. In Pong, the racket is a white bar that moves up and down on the left or right edge of the screen,. It is controlled by two players. To compete, another player can control the opponent's last straight bar. The ball is swung back and forth by this white rod. Your goal is to beat your opponent by 11 points. Points are awarded when the other team fails to return the ball.

Some tips

You need quick reflexes to hit the ball.

You need to focus on observing the position of the white ball to know both its direction and speed.

Try to control the racket flexibly. Move the racket left or right to make a variety of shots.

To be able to practice the skills in this game well, you need to spend time practicing every day.

Don't give up because you will improve every day in the Pong game. Try to become the best tennis player.

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