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Police Driver

About Police Driver


In the game Police Driver , you need to make sure your lights are on and your sirens are blaring. It's time to put your jaw-dropping acrobatics and incredible driving feats through their paces. Fighting crime and following dangerous criminals by automobile demands a high level of driving competence. This includes both defensive and aggressive driving. Are you able to demonstrate some of your most impressive skills in this game?

Who is to say that one cannot do stunts while riding in police cars? It is time to show them they are incorrect! The task at hand in this game is straightforward yet invigorating. You attempt to pull off a variety of tricks in a variety of settings. A devoted officer has to be able to navigate their way through a variety of terrains. To get started, choose a location from the list of the four that are available. You have the choice of living in a major city, beside a highway, in the countryside, or in a desert. Drive as quickly as you can to one of the stunt ramps while you are really playing the game. There are several different kinds of platforms in the area. Try each one of them! This game gives you the opportunity to test out ten different vehicles, so keep both hands on the steering wheel as you stomp the gas pedal. Enjoy!


  • Colorful 3D graphics
  • 4 different areas
  • 10 different cars to drive
  • Intuitive controls
  • Entertaining gameplay

How to play

To move about, you may use the WASD keys on your keyboard. To apply your brakes, use the SPACE BAR on your keyboard. You may switch between various automobiles by using the numbers. Simply pressing the E key will allow you to turn your police lights on and off. To switch the camera's perspective, use the C key on your keyboard.

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