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Penguin Ice Breaker

About Penguin Ice Breaker


Penguin Ice Breaker takes you into a jumping world with icebergs and stars. Move over the ice and collect 3 stars along the way to complete a level. It's the basic gameplay of this arcade game. If you want to understand all rules of this penguin game, you should continue to follow other parts.

Penguin Ice Breaker Games Online Free

As you can know, all games on our website allow you to access online for free and the Penguin Ice Breaker game is the same. With only one click, you can start playing immediately.

Game Rules

Penguin Ice Breaker is designed with single-player gameplay and various levels. Each level has a cute penguin, icebergs, and stars. Your mission is to direct the penguin to collect all stars while jumping over ice platforms. However, these platforms will make you face difficulties because they will collapse after you touch them for 5 seconds. It will be dangerous if you can not jump in time before this happens.

In order to avoid this challenge, you can jump non-stop or run as fast as possible.

How To Control

You can move forward, move backward, and jump by using the right arrow key, the left arrow key, and the up arrow key in order.

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