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Parkour Rooftop

About Parkour Rooftop


Entering a parkour race in Parkour Rooftop

In this game, you will enter a parkour race where you have to get the victory. Your duty is to run on the roofs of the tall building. If you get any mistakes, you will fall on the land immediately. Therefore, observation skills and control skills are very important. Are you brave? How many scores you can get in this game? Just play the game to have the answers.

Jump higher and suitably in Parkour Rooftop

As you know, the distance between the roofs as well as the length of the roofs is different. Therefore, you need to have correct jumps. Don't jump too far or too short. Estimate and look at the distances and lengths to jump. This is an endless game, so you can run forever. That's challenging. Press the mouse longer to jump higher. Just click the mouse to make short jumps.

The obstacles you face in Parkour Rooftop

You think that there is nothing on the roofs. You may change your viewpoint when playing this game. When running, you may face many obstacles such as boxes, air conditionals, chimneys, etc. They don't cause any damage but will slow your character's speed down. It's better to jump over them. Be careful when the character will move increasingly fast. So, you also need to control it quickly.

A leaderboard in Parkour Rooftop

The game provides a leaderboard that shows top players over the world. This is a motivation for you. However, you need to log in or register your username before entering the game. From that, your name can get on the top of the leaderboard. Are you confident to show your skills and defeat all enemies in the world? That will be amazing. Good luck!

Some interesting characteristics of this game

  • The children can play Parkour Rooftop because of its easy gameplay and simple control
  • The graphics are eye-catching. The character and each detail of this game also bring real emotion to players
  • Challenge your reaction with the quickly jumps
  • You can play the game on the desktop or mobile to entertain
  • It is an endless game that allows you to play until your character falls.

How to control: Use the mouse to play or touch the screen.

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