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Parkour Race

About Parkour Race


As a competitive game, Parkour Race provides a great source of motivation for players when coming to the racetrack here. Can you overcome all your opponents and become the fastest runner?

Join the race and compete with opponents in Parkour Race

To start the battle between runners, you will transform into one of them, a stickman. The rules of Parkour Race are very simple, you just control your stickman character to run fast forward, left, and right to avoid obstacles and land in the right position without falling out. If the landing is successful and correct, the chances of rising to the top and becoming a champion are very high. In particular, during the game, you can collect loot and use it later. By the way, I also want to introduce you to an equally attractive running game, Galaxy Slope. Although there is no competitor, the track in this game is endless, you can comfortably experience it.

What you need to keep in mind when participating in Parkour Race

This game is also an attractive simulation game when the track is in the sky. You should try to take advantage of the flyovers to increase speed and jump cushions to jump high and over away from the opponent. When jumping from one track to another you should also observe to be able to land safely without being confused. Not only run, and jump, when participating in Parkour Race, but you can also fly if you collect a wing item. Competitors have also appeared, so the competition to win as well as the top position is extremely tense. It is better for you to use your reflexes to the maximum to not fall out or collide with obstacles because that's when your opponent will pass. Use the gold collected in Parkour Race to unlock new skins and make your characters unique such as changing the color of the character, and retrofitting hats and capes.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.

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