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About Pacman


Welcome to Pacman, a running game for single players! Come to this online game to control your pacman and collect all dots while avoiding ghosts. Can you complete this goal? Let's start and show your skills!

All Level In This Pacman

There are many levels in this game. You will not see any same levels because each level has a unique map for players to challenge. In addition, the number of ghosts and the maps' structure is completely different. If you are curious about the levels of the Pacman game, you should access our website now to experience them. Our website provides this running game online for free.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to control your Pacman.

How To Play

Collect Dots To Conquer Levels

There are light dots placed in all corners of the map. You need to move to these parts and loot them. You can move to the next level if all dots are gathered.

Avoid Ghosts In Pacman

Several ghosts always want to attack you. If you are caught, your character will die and the game will end. Therefore, in order to keep safe, you need to go away from these ghosts.

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