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Pac Hero

About Pac Hero


You need to move smartly in the game Pac Hero to avoid some monsters and collect golden dots. Can you pass these challenges of Pac Hero game?

Your mission in Pac Hero

In this game, you will play the hero character Pac, moving around the maze where there are many yellow dots and monsters guarding them. Your task is to collect all these gold dots without letting the other monsters catch you. You can only move to another level when you have collected all the gold dots in the maze. In the maze, there will sometimes appear peaches, if you can collect these peaches, you will be added bonus points. Try to get the highest score possible. Also, if you are bored with this game, maybe you should try Geometry Dash. This is an interesting game with three different game modes with their own difficulty. Enter the game and overcome the obstacles at lightning speed.

Interesting features of Pac Hero

In Pac Hero's labyrinth, you can collect magic potions. The magic potion that helps you make the monsters turn green is when they weaken and move slower. And then, you can attack them to get more points. However, these drugs are only effective for a period of time, after which they will return to their normal state, so be careful. When they return to normal, it's better to run as fast as possible to avoid them if you don't want to lose early. Remember, each time you play, you only have three lives, if you let the other monsters catch you more than three times, the game will end immediately. Besides, the game has up to 30 levels with increasing difficulty. Try to complete every level and get the highest score you can to raise your rank on the Pac Hero leaderboard.

How to control

Use the arrow keys to control.

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