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Ninja Cut

About Ninja Cut


You must have heard of ninjas with amazing skills that ordinary people don't have. To acquire those extraordinary skills, they had to practice very hard. However, you will still be able to become a talented ninja without training in Ninja Cut. Evil people appear in the city. The mission of a ninja is to destroy the bad guys and protect the city. Can you do that?

Choose the game mode and start the fight in Ninja Cut

The game has simple gameplay. You just need to destroy the evil hordes with your power. You can challenge yourself with one of the following three modes:

In normal game mode, you just need to press the play button in the middle of the screen to play. In this mode, your weapons will be two sharp swords. You will aim at the enemies and kill them. Use the white line to aim at the enemy. This is probably the easiest mode to play. If you are a beginner, you should play this mode.

Next, you can try bomb mode. Here, you will use bombs instead of swords. This modern weapon will have higher destructive power than traditional weapons like swords. However, at each level, you only have a certain number of bombs. Therefore, each bomb thrown must destroy the enemy. Take advantage of the dotted line for targeting.

Finally, you'll use a ninja-specific weapon in kunais mode. You will throw darts at enemies to destroy them. Just like bombs, darts have limits. Therefore, you need to use them appropriately.

The attractive things in Ninja Cut

The game offers many outfits for you to choose from. A total of 12 outfits for you. However, only the first outfit is available. As for the rest of the outfits, you need to unlock them, you won't be able to use gold to open them like in other games. You will have to pass certain levels to unlock them. Whether you can use all the outfits or not when the difficulty of the game increases through the levels.

How to control

Use the mouse to play this game.

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