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Neon Shot

About Neon Shot


Neon Shot is a fun ball shooting game you should try. Your task is to shoot the ball and destroy the targets arranged at each level. Show off your excellent aiming skills.

Features Neon Shot game

Neon Shot game attracts many players because of its simple but attractive gameplay and beautiful neon graphics.

Game graphics

Starting this game, you will be excited when you see a dark space with beautiful neon lights. Each level has a completely different layout. Try to complete as many levels as possible to discover this game's features.

Rule game

You are adjusted to a cutting device. It's like a shotgun. You can even determine the ball's flight's direction easily when you gain momentum. The dashed line shows it. After adjusting the ball to the correct throwing direction, start releasing the mouse to let the ball fly up.

Tips in Neon Shot game

This game has many levels. At each higher level, the challenge for the player will be more difficult. You need to try to figure out how to break all the target boards.

You can align the ball to the most appropriate flight direction. You can try again many times if the throw is not successful.

Don't forget you need to calculate the rebound of the ball when hitting objects. This can help you achieve your goals most smartly.

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