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Neon Biker

About Neon Biker


Coming to Neon Biker is a whole new experience, where the challenging track is set up to require you not only to run fast but also to jump high to avoid obstacles.

Interesting racing in Neon Biker

For this exciting race track, your main task is to drive the bike over the obstacles to the finish line safely. Along the way, there are many challenges with different difficulty levels lurking to attack you. Not only are the gears sharp like in other running games, but also the appearance of mobile racing tracks. That is, parts of the track do not stand still, but you must find a way to reach them at the right time so as not to fall out in order to continue. Besides, in Neon Biker, the bike flying up is very interesting but also a danger if you cannot control it to land safely. If you are tired of this game, visit Madalin Stunt Cars 2, where you can not only participate in the race single but also race with many other players.

Player attraction points of Neon Biker

What makes Neon Biker attractive is not only one but many factors. In this game, there are typical elements such as unlocking fine cars and a variety of levels to play. Use the gems you collect in the races to unlock attractive cars. There are many types of cars for you to choose from, but the price is the same so you won't have to worry too much. Besides, there are 40 levels with increasing difficulty, for you to practice bike control skills. Moreover, your skills will be evaluated by the time you spend passing and the number of stars you get after passing each level. So, save time and ride your bike correctly to earn a lot of stars, proving your superior skills.

How to control

Use the mouse to control.

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