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Motocross Hero

About Motocross Hero


Participating in a mountain bike race in Motocross Hero, you need to use speed and quick reflexes to both be ahead of your opponent and not let yourself fall. From there, you will go as far as possible to get the highest score possible.

Compete on the desert track in Motocross Hero

This is a multiplayer game where you will compete for the top position with the remaining three racers. You will need to control your mountain bike through many difficult obstacles without falling. Be careful because the opponents are just waiting for you to fall, they will seize the opportunity to get ahead. Your score will be calculated according to the distance you travel and the obstacles you have overcome, try to go as far as possible in this endless race. Also, if you want to try your hand at this extreme sport, you can take on an even tougher track in Cycle Extreme. Coming to this game, you will ride your bike through the rugged mountainous terrain with many dangerous challenges. Join the game and conquer all its levels.

Some notes when participating in Motocross Hero

The obstacles in Motocross Hero are extremely dangerous. You will have to pass high blocks, or potholes, where your speed will be reduced. However, there are also power-ups to help you, arrow icons to help you increase speed, and keep up with your opponents. You should also go on the slanted boards to fly high. However, you need to keep your balance so that when you land, you will not fall. Remember, you only have 3 lives to join this game, if you lose your life three times the game is over.

How to control

  • Press the up arrow key to go
  • Press the left, and right arrow keys to keep balance.

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